31 August, 2019

no beginning without contra-diction

counter to what is said

against language something is

truly created

beginning is beginning anew

devoid of that which has structured the past

to begin then is to leave language

or at least its grammar and known composition

language deemphasized in order to begin

from the perspective of the past   a bad poem

or just a poem

what is a poem in the new beginning?

if beginning is something other

an other thought an other other

nothing can be said confronted to true


muteness   mere hopes and scratches

in the path to…


31 August, 2019

you cannot name what you attempt to reach

else you’ve lost it

vulture around   circle geometrically

ethically that is

and expect that even if you fail

you’ve acted accordingly

to your body

the other’s body

the body of others

pleasure   unification in the midst of molding


while matter struggles to fragment itself

partition up against unification

violence against pleasure

priority being a mere wager

subjective inclination of what matters

in matter

turned objective   turned

transformed into the unexpected

an exchange   that is

rather than a cancellation

translation of the dialectic

into exchange

into the origin of the unconscious

arrangement of life

the principle of life as it is


unfounded   open to be found

tomorrow in an other


lies the difference whereby something

however innocent   may come over


31 August, 2019

built against the environment

and create new beings

inasmuch as the All changes

change creates   creation changes

through equality

as it brings into relationship   two







incommensurable relationality

equality as impossibility

over and against what’s stated

the instituted action

the police

the power set

worth mentioning it only as a strategy

an intervention for modification

a wager of many

to set it up in front of…

to imagine an outside

while there is no outside to matter

while contradiction is

positively and negatively

logically embedded

becoming from non-being to being

and vice versa

is a self-determination   fashionability

that imaginarily appropriates


language molting everything

into immutability

unless it’s forming matter

31 August, 2019

forming immutability   thus mutating

without the “thus”

a speck   canceling whatever hardens

causing disaster more than interpretation

alarming historicity and its dead bodies

installing truth over consultation

forming matter exchanges that which is

thinkable and said

not an inversion but a replacement

an abyssal turning   having no name

for the human


a complete decided refusal

and rebuttal

of philosophy of history

an equalization of history to matter

not traditional materialism

but physicalism also

a persistent effort to assimilate

equalization of the brain

the mind and body

to decide the event

to lock it up with what is farthest

individual universe

deciding to dissolve into the structure

of the event   and be appropriated